My little corner in California

My weekends are filled with shopping for groceries, window shopping for clothes, shoes (most of the time), and house necessities with my mom. Today (November 1st) we decided to go out and try an Indian restaurant and take a look at Uniqlo to see if I can find a new top, dress, or pants to … Continue reading My little corner in California

The best time to wear an Oversized Sweater! (Not Today)

YYYAAAYYY! FALL IS ALMOST HERE! Who else is melting in 100 degrees heat desperate for fall to bring on the orange leaves, cold breezes, and pumpkin pie!? I ggguueeessss I'll be patient for the season to start, but I can't be patient to show you this SUPER OVER SIZED SWEATER I bought! If you like … Continue reading The best time to wear an Oversized Sweater! (Not Today)