The Perfect Hair Mask

Face masks?! No no we're talking about HAIR masks! I have two masks to show you and one of those worked best with my curly hair. Don't worry I have a recommendation for you non curly haired gals and lads as well! Wella Fusion Plex hair mask Link to Hair Mask After your hair is … Continue reading The Perfect Hair Mask

My experience with Cleansing Conditioner

AHHHH! Skirts have been mended, dances have been performed, and classrooms have been all cleaned out! A volunteer's job has been completed and a new adventure begins because iiiittttt'sss SUMMER TIME! Bring on all the cleansing conditioner! Okay, it's not very summery but it is if you want FABULOUS voluminous hair to match all those … Continue reading My experience with Cleansing Conditioner