The best time to wear an Oversized Sweater! (Not Today)

YYYAAAYYY! FALL IS ALMOST HERE! Who else is melting in 100 degrees heat desperate for fall to bring on the orange leaves, cold breezes, and pumpkin pie!? I ggguueeessss I'll be patient for the season to start, but I can't be patient to show you this SUPER OVER SIZED SWEATER I bought! If you like … Continue reading The best time to wear an Oversized Sweater! (Not Today)

My Favorite Sale Section Finds!

Hello again! Let's get straight into the conversation... The sales section in stores always look UNINVITING! So many racks of bunched up clothing to look through and most of the time you come out with nothing because stores usually place their trashiest items there! Well well well... as negative as I might sound, I actually … Continue reading My Favorite Sale Section Finds!