The Trick to Staying Organized (HMMmm?)

I decided that the best way to stay on schedule with assignments or life events is a whiteboard! I see so many people using notebooks and calendars to write down their tasks in. That is totally fine! Everyone has their own way of staying organized, but I see whiteboards not commonly used and I wonder … Continue reading The Trick to Staying Organized (HMMmm?)

Get Ready with Me… for a day of nothing!

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Today I'm back for my first post of 2021. I don't have new year resolutions because I still have the same goals that I've mentioned before a few months back. You can read about it here: My goals really haven't changed and it will stay that way unless my mind changes. … Continue reading Get Ready with Me… for a day of nothing!

Draw with Me

Hello! SoOOooo a wave of antisocial media days suddenly hit me through the month of July and August . I usually love scrolling through Instagram and seeing selfies, artists, photographers, etc. I even stopped reading blog posts! I just kept feeling annoyed anytime I started scrolling through anywhere, so I let myself drift a bit … Continue reading Draw with Me