The Trick to Staying Organized (HMMmm?)

I decided that the best way to stay on schedule with assignments or life events is a whiteboard! I see so many people using notebooks and calendars to write down their tasks in. That is totally fine! Everyone has their own way of staying organized, but I see whiteboards not commonly used and I wonder why because you’ll never run out of paper, need to buy more notebooks, or run out of room to write on!

Here I’ll show you the benefits of using a whiteboard!

You can hang it in a place where you see it when you wake up. You can wake up to a motivational quote, your goals, and what you have to do for the day. You can customize it with drawings, add cute magnets, or stickers! I wish I had cute pastel colors.

You can customize your calendar every month and customize the size. It’s a nice way to take a few minutes to relax and doodle!

Hahah I hope yours will look more cute!

I’ll show you how I stay on track with course work. It’s nothing special of course. I used to write what I needed to do every month for my classes by reading each syllabus, but now I just go week by week. I’ve learned how much work 18 units comes with (bleh).

I color coordinate my classes for each semester and use the color to write the task for the course. For example, Typogrophy is pink so I wrote HW on the day I would do homework for that class.

Writing down the days you’ll do homework will help you be more motivated to accomplish the goal. By writing the days you have time to do homework, it shows how much time you have until the due date to push back finishing the assignment. This way if you aren’t feeling well or need a break you can see when there is a better day to do an assignment.

I know my due dates are on Saturdays so if I end up not being able to finish my homework on the day I wrote at least I know I have a few more days until the deadline. I can determine which day has an empty slot to finish my assignment!

A whiteboard might not seem special to you but I actually find a whiteboard very useful! How do you stay organized? Let me know in the comments!

See you later! Byyyyeeeeeeee!

OH! I’m going to advertise my new video here (hehe) I’m so happy to have a new subscriber!

Okay… bye!

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