Get Ready with Me… for a day of nothing!

HAPPY NEW YEARS! Today I’m back for my first post of 2021. I don’t have new year resolutions because I still have the same goals that I’ve mentioned before a few months back.

You can read about it here:

My goals really haven’t changed and it will stay that way unless my mind changes. It’s important to remember that if you have goals to have an open mind when things change or don’t work out!

I won’t be continuing paying for WordPress, but I will keep writing with the free version of it 😀 and I will continue making Youtube videos. If you want to keep up with me Following me on Instagram and Youtube is a great way to keep up 🙂 Although I don’t post much on Instagram because I try not to let taking photos and posting on Instagram consume my life and living in the moment of experiences. Anyway Today I made a get ready with me video!

I have an update… the eyebrow pencil I wrote about here!:

I started noticing the green in the eyebrows! I mentioned it in my video haha. Sooo I don’t recommend getting this product anymore. I’m really sad about it because it’s so easy to use for someone who is bad at makeup and only wants a tint!

OKAY here’s the video! You get to see me with completely no make up. I’M SORRY FOR THE AUDIO!

Let me know what you think! and seee you next time 🙂 I hope you are staying safe and have another good year or a better year! bbbyyyeeeeeee!

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