What I got for Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I love seeing what everyone gets for Christmas so of course I want to join in on it too! If you wrote a blog post about your gifts leave them in the comments. If you’re just a reader passing by, still tell me in the comments! 🙂

I’m going to start with…. HAIR PINS!

I’ve been wanting colorful hair accessories and have been super into the big hair pins people on Instagram have been wearing. NOW I HAVE SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM! I’m really really ReAllY excited to wear these!

Now I’m moving on towards cat related items!

I tried the Tony Moly mask last night. You’re supposed to put it on before you sleep and wash it off in the morning. I was actually able to fall asleep wearing the mask! I hate masks that feel so thick, sticky, and make you want to wash them off instantly. I think this could be a product I’ll grow to love.

The other cat related item is…


Here is a little video I made of me building it!

I know my room is very messy and probably looks gross, but I recently cleaned it using a vacuum that deep cleans carpets! The stains just didn’t come off, so I don’t think it’s as dirty as it seems.

Okay now … makeup!

I tried this mascara and it glides on sooooo smoothly. I hardly had any clumping! With the lip “injections” my lips actually became more plumped? I was really shocked to see an effect.

Finally… Clothes!



This top


This tank top which has the logos of my cousin’s plumbing company. It made me laugh opening this gift.

Last of all…

These shoes!

I love love love love these shoes. To me I thought they’d look like something a Kpop singer would wear.. maybe that’s just my imagination. I got my size but they were too small so I have to return them to get a bigger size 😀

Annnddddd that’s all! What did you think? I hope you had a nice Christmas 🙂 This year I spent it with my mom, brothers, and cat in my house.

How was your Christmas?

See you next time bbbyyyeeeeee!

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