AH! Balding Eyebrows Help!

I always thought that I would always look like I’m BALDING from my eyebrows.

My closet fell and I was too lazy to fix it lol

WELL . . . .

That thought has changed! Now I add a toupee! Okay, in a less confusing way now I use the tattoo studio brow tint pen makeup from Maybelline. This is what my eyebrows look like after applying this product.

Do you think there is a difference? I think they look darker! Here is a close up.

My eyebrows might not look the most professionally done, but it’ll take some practice to find what I like! So far, I’m really enjoying this tint! It’s perfect for me because I’m just looking for makeup that will give me a natural look and that will only darken my eyebrows. I use it very lightly. The product says to completely outline the eyebrows with the pen, but I just create strokes with it.

Bad reviews 😦 Oh no! 😦

I read the reviews of this product and many people said it turns their eyebrows green! I didn’t know about this. Luckily, I haven’t experienced it during the month of using this product. I’ll probably give an update if my eyebrows start to turn green, but maybe I haven’t experienced it because (as mentioned before) I really don’t use too much.

Will you try this product or have you tried it before? I’d love to know your thoughts 🙂

I have it in the color Deep brown, and that’s the darkest color they have. I think it would be so cool if they had pink, blue, and black! I want pink eyebrows 😦

Okay… see you next time… BBBYYYYEEEEEEE! 🙂

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