My New Free People Dress and an Update

Hello! Today I’m sharing my new Free People dress!

I’m trying to get back into my hobbies. I got into a really weird anti hobby rut. Does that make any sense? In other words, I felt demotivated to draw, make videos, and write blog posts. I’m trying to break out of this mood though!

I started my courses and my general education courses are really boring! I can’t wait to be done with them. This is my last semester dealing with general education. I just have to take biology next semester! Then I can completely focus on graphic design 🙂

I also sent in my application to study abroad in Germany next year, so I’m excited to hear back about it! Except I have to wait until my recommendations are in…. I think. I just want a definite yes already, so I can start planning and have something exciting to look forward to. For now, I have two essays to write and a ton of textbook reading.

I’m also trying to find a part time job so I can start saving. Except that’s very difficult. I keep getting denied from places. I applied to Hollister. Maybe Hollister will read this post and hire me!

How have you been? It feels good to write again 🙂

Let me know what you think about the video! I really enjoy reading comments.

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