Simple life. Simple me. Simple post.

Hello! I can’t figure out what I want to write about! I keep wanting to create videos because they’re so much fun and they’re a nice change from writing! In addition, I haven’t been in a social media mood. I normally love scrolling through Instagram and seeing people post selfies, places they visit, food, art, anything they love!

Anyway, today I’m sharing two new videos! The first video has some outfits I paired with my Dr.Martens. Maybe you can get some ideas! I know they’re simple and not out of the box like many styles I see posted on Instagram. I’ve learned that I just love to be simple me and that’s okay!

My second video is some clips from a small trip I took to Santa Barbara! It’s normally empty in Santa Barbara without a pandemic so we thought it could be the safest place to visit after spending three months at home. The majority of people wore masks. Even at the farmers market we passed through! I had fun but now we aren’t planning to visit anywhere besides grocery markets. I hope you’re staying safe!

There isn’t any talking so maybe this tiny vlog feels a bit empty! Let me know what you think!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Talk to you soon! BBBByyyeeeeeeeEE!


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