The Arboretum in California

HeLlO! It’s nice to talk to you again! SoooOO I notice that the virus cases are increasing. I’m not shocked because when I go out to the market, it seems like more than half of the store aren’t wearing masks and aren’t social distancing!

Well well well….

Even though I’m complaining, we went out to The Arboretum located in Arcadia in the LA county. It’s the first time in three months we go out some where that isn’t a market. We figured since The Arboretum has limited tickets for specific times, everyone is required to wear a mask, and it’s a wide outdoor space it should be okay.

About The Arboretum (a snippet)

The Arboretum is a “127 acre botanical garden.” There are some historical buildings to walk into! LiKe the Queen Anne Cottage from 1885 and a Coach Barn also from the 1800’s. Besides historical buildings, there are different themed trails to walk through with different plants to see. My favorite part of The Arboretum is the waterfall that I didn’t get to SEE because we got exhausted and wanted to leave to eat.

I made a small vlog!

I hope you enjoy watching 😀 If your interested in reading more about The Arboretum before you visit I’ll link the website!

Link to website: The Arboretum

Thanks for stopping bye! BByyyEEEEEE!


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