All I want for Christmas…

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I spent my Christmas Eve sitting on the couch waiting until midnight to open presents watching Rugrats. I even kept eating Chocolate cake… I was the only one. Hopefully all the chocolate cake doesn’t stop me from fitting into all of my new dresses I got as gifts from my Mom. Okay what I’m trying to say is… Stay awhile and check out my new dresses and everything else I got!

I’ll start off with the…. A cat carrier!!!

My favorite dress of all is this one:


I really wish the pattern could’ve wrapped around the whole dress. Oh well, if someone approaches me at a party wearing this when I turn around they’ll be so amazed that it’ll be as if they glanced into the sun. 

These two are from the kid’s section!

Once it becomes December 1st anything I see or try on that I like my mom says, “If you like it I’ll wrap it up for Christmas” and that’s how I know these two dresses are from the kid’s section of Target and Zara because I tried them on. Kid’s sections are worth looking through for a short length dress that look like a doll could wear!

I also got this skirt from Nordstrom’s Brandy Melville section.

I lllooovveee the two slits on the sides! The turtleneck was a gift from a family friend that I often mistake as an aunt or cousin.

I will probably tuck this cat sweater into one of my skirts or pair it with leggings and some ankle boots!

LAST of all… I got some necessities such as socks (mine have holes), tights (also have holes), glitter for my face (definitely necessary), lip glosses that taste minty, and everything else shown here

How was your Christmas?I’m so glad to get to end the year with you πŸ™‚ See you next time! If not before New Years.. Happy New Years! Don’t forget you can always keep up with me  @karionline_


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