Try This or that

Hallo! Ciao! Hola! That’s right I’m learning three languages. Can you guess which ones? Learning new languages are only a part of what I’ve been into lately. Besides languages I have some items I’ve been really enjoying, have enjoyed, or am going to enjoy (maybe, I won’t know until after I try). Grab some coffee and find something new to get into 🙂


Some books I’ve read and are worthy to read at some point in your life are these

I know they might seem boring because they look like books you’re forced to read for a class in school, but don’t believe that! They have good morals to them! The Wind in the Willows is about the importance of adventure and having a set of good friends. It will definitely help with widening your description skills. While Flowers for Algernon talks about being the best person you can be with what you’re given and staying who you are and  it’s all told by journal entries.

The next books on my list are all of these.

Does anyone else keep buying books to add into their pile of books they haven’t read?!

Little princess coats (in my opinion this furry sweater cardigan thing looks elegant!)

This coat is only the first of many more I will eventually add into my princess style collection of clothes. I bought mine at a thrift store called Plato’s Closet. I really want to go back they had some amazing good finds.

head bands

Oh yes HEADBANDS! Sparkly headbands, knotted headbands, plain headbands, I WANT THEM ALL! Definitely buy them on Amazon you can get 10 of them for $11 compared to one headband from Ulta for the same price.

Face masks!!!

At Costco I spotted this pack of  Korean sheet face masks to try. It’s a set of 10 and it comes with 3 collagen masks, 2 pearl masks, 2 vitamin C masks, and 3 charcoal masks. I’m really excited to try all of them. So far I’ve only tried  the pearl one. which is supposed to give you a “glowing complexion” It was okay I loved how my skin looked SUPER moisturized and shiny afterwards but I didn’t like how sticky my skin felt.


These are my drawings that you can keep updated on by following my art instagram: @karidoesart

You can probably tell in my artwork that  Yuko Higuchi and Felix Lorioux have been  my biggest inspirations lately. If you’ve been looking for some new artist check some of their artwork out 🙂



Oh another day talking with you. What have you been up to? What are some hobbies or items you’ve been loving or hating lately? See you later! bbyyeeeee!

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