My little corner in California

My weekends are filled with shopping for groceries, window shopping for clothes, shoes (most of the time), and house necessities with my mom. Today (November 1st) we decided to go out and try an Indian restaurant and take a look at Uniqlo to see if I can find a new top, dress, or pants to wear.

It’s a 45 minute drive to get to the Indian restaurant called Tandoori Bites! My favorite food dish was paneer tikka masala. I know it doesn’t look too appetizing.

I learned that paneer is a cheese today. This food dish is paneer cheese marinated in sauce that I don’t know.  If you’re going to an Indian restaurant soon I highly recommend you order this dish!  Did you know that paneer is a cheese?

I decided to get food from the mini buffet so I can try a variety. Did you know that if you eat food sideways it tastes better?

Fish, rice, vegetables, a fried potato ball, and lamb curry! I’m sorry I didn’t get the names of each food. If you can tell by the picture what they are, please let me know in the comments!

Yummy chai tea!

I’m sad I got full so fast

Ugh afterwards we had to make a boring stop to get my brother’s hair cut. My cute shoes are more interesting to see

HOORAY! Back to the fun… SHOPPING!

You have to make Uniqlo your go to store to get your thermals to wear under pants and shirts for the winter. Also, you can find cute and casual clothing pieces.

Today I shopped in the kid’s section. The clothes is way cheaper and sometimes the same coat I like in adult size is in kid size for half the price.

I ended up just purchasing this dress for $9.90 in a kids size 7-8. I went to Macy’s after getting home with my mom and changed into my new dress

 It has pockets!

I hope you enjoyed my little corner of California! It’s not as big as LA and as exciting but being with my mom and cat are what make California my home. Thanks for coming into my life. See you soon bbyyeee!



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