Community College and Me

GUESS WHAT! I started school at a different community college this week! Here’s how it went:

Each post was written at the end of each day


I got comfortable with the community college I’ve attended for the past 3 years. The new community college I’ll be attending is a 40 minute drive from where I live. I’m excited to get to have a fresh start and break away from the routine I followed for 3 years. I’m really hoping I’ll get to meet some people and finally hangout with someone other than my cat! THE BEST PART IS THAT I’ll FINALLY be taking a graphic design course!!!

I’m on the waitlist for a ceramics/sculpture class since my Illustration class was cancelled at the last minute. I’m a little scared about it, but if it works out I’ll be happy that I finally pushed myself to take it.

Monday August 19: I got ready today!

I made my coffee today so it can be cold for me in the morning and made my lunch as well!

My backpack is all packed. I don’t need much since I’ll probably be using computer programs, but I never know when I’ll have to write notes or need a book to read.

I washed my hair using a new hair mask and did a poor job of painting my nails.

Tuesday August 20: MY FIRST DAY AT SCHOOL

I made sure to take a picture of my outfit!


I challenged myself to get out into the campus instead of secluding myself in my car or sitting at a bench scrolling through apps on my phone!! Although, it did take me a few minutes to actually MOVE!

I sat and ate lunch on top of a concrete bench/wall looking at all the students passing by 1 level below me. I even walked across the campus to see what else there is rather than staying in the area my courses are located.

I got into the ceramics/sculpture class!!!! I chose that class because I want a break from technology.

I’m also VERY excited to start learning about what graphic design is! I don’t really enjoy the teacher so far. She’s using tutorials from Lynda as her guidance to teach us. HHHMMM maybe she’s getting paid to sponsor the website! As long as I learn the basics of photoshop, illustrator, and design it’s fine.

I’m not sure where my graphic design journey will lead me to. I might end up working with website stuff. For now, my goal is to apply to university in October and focus on my classes.

After all of that worrying, I ended up with a good first day of school!!

Did you start school? Is there anything else you’d like to know about me? Do you want to know anything about college? Let me know in the comments!

See you later, bbbyyyeeee!

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