PUR: Out of the Blue

40 percent off of the Out of the Blue line from PUR????? OF COURSE I’d pick up the out of the blue eye shadow palette! I also bought the mascara to try. I was surprised to even see some palettes left but I guess PUR eye shadow palettes aren’t as popular as they deserve to be. I can’t say much about other PUR makeup. Today will be my first time trying out the PUR mascara since it was also on sale!

Out of the box

I’ve been eyeing this palette for a long time and have been DYING to have it.

There’s a button on the side that will turn on the lights around the mirror

It’s a very convenient palette to take with you traveling or to use in different areas of your home. Even in the parking lot before you go into work! It is bulky though, so it will take up a lot of room if you’re not carrying a big purse.

(That’s paint on my desk. I’m a very messy artist. It’s okay because it describes my life.)


I erased the first set of eyeshadow on my arm because I couldn’t remember which one was which! Starting from the left side of my arm, you can see the eyeshadows: Unplugged, Focus, Lights Out, On/Off, Wake up, Cloud 9, Just Peachy, Techno, Secret, No Limit, and Turn Down.

You can probably tell from my arm swatch that I had a little trouble getting the pigment to show! These eye shadows aren’t as soft as I felt them in the store. I’m thinking they will soften as I begin to use them? They seem to need 3 brush strokes to get a nice layer of pigment. They’re not eye shadows where one touch leaves your finger covered in color.

Chill Out deserves to have its own spotlight! It’d be a shame to keep this glitter glory of a shade on my eyelids. (UGH! Do you see my one grey hair?)

THAT’S RIGHT! I’m using it as a highlighter!

Okay, that’s enough talk about eye shadow.


The mascara also comes with its very own light and mirror! Which makes it easier to use on the go and around bad lighting.

The light turns on once you take out the brush

I really really really REALLY enjoyed applying this mascara to my eyelashes. I noticed that my eyelashes became longer, each lash became more separated, and I didn’t have to deal with any clots!

I didn’t curl my eyelashes because I wanted to see how much the mascara would curl them.

I don’t know if it’s waterproof??? I can’t find anywhere on the packaging that says it’s waterproof! Guess I’ll find out on my own huh?

Weellll, what did you think of these two items?!

Nnooo! Another ending! I’m never good at ending posts because it means I won’t get to talk to you for a little while.

Don’t forget: The best moments in life come out of the blue! See ya next time! bbyyyeeee!

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