Coming to California? Let’s go to 85 Degrees Bakery!

Let loose for a day and try some delicious Chinese cakes, bread, teas, and coffee!

THE BREAD IS ENDLESS! My favorite location to go to is right across from IKEA in West Covina. This one I’m showing you is way smaller and less crowded!

YUM! The blueberry bread with blueberry cream cheese filling is my number one choice when I come here.

I DIDN’T GET PICTURES of the ham sandwiches and bread with Winnie’s!!!! Those are great choices if you want some lunch. They have a little bit of a sweet flavoring to them. The combination of the sweetness from the bread pairs perfectly with the saltiness of the weenie, ham, bacon, and cheese

LOOK! The best cream puffs I’ve ever had!

Not craving bread? Have some cake or a fruit tart!

Maybe just have some tea!

I decided to have a Jasmine green tea with boba! Besides tea, you can try some sea salt drinks ranging from sea salt coffee to sea salt strawberry green tea. Since it’s so hot you could melt outside, you can try a smoothie to cool you down and get re energized with some espresso.

Today’s adventure was a quick one but a tasty one! Here’s what I came home with

What will you have?

I really hope you give the places I show you a try!

Have you been to 85 degrees bakery? Do you love it as much as me? Where are you from?

Definitely don’t forget to take a day away from the most popular tourists attractions to try out unique restaurants and other places that aren’t as popular. It’s a really good way to see more of what a state or country has to offer. Remember to stay safe while you’re at it!

See ya next week! Bbbbyyeee!

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