All I really want are Eyelashes!

That’s right, I’m  hopping onto the bandwagon of false eyelashes!

Hmmhmhmhm are magnetic lashes better??? Or glue on lashes???! I didn’t do any research when it came to choosing between magnetic or glue on ones. Heck, I didn’t even look up which brands are the best!

You know what they say, don’t judge a pair of eyelashes by their packaging. I sure wish I did. 3 weeks ago? I dont remember! I went to Ulta and bought the Magnetic pre cut Demi lash kit from Ardell

Link to Eyelashes

HA… what a joke! It took me about 30 minutes to understand WhAt to do. The directions were written down too! After rereading, rereading, and REREADING I finally understood that the little magnetic clasp is supposed to face you

You then place the lashes with the tiny magnetic squares facing down towards the bottom lashes.

The bottom lashes have pink circles on them so you attach the lashes onto the magnetic strip with those facing up.

The lashes are supposed to be curving out towards the opposite direction from your face.

I really didn’t enjoy these at all. It took me so long to simply place them onto the little magnetic strip. Either the bottom pairs would keep getting attached to the top part of the lashes or the top to bottom. All this trouble to be left with lashes that I CAN’T get onto my natural lash line! They kept sliding away! Anyway, unless I want my fake eyelashes to sit half way on, I won’t be using these.

This Magnetic method is similar to using an eyelash curler and curling your eyelashes. On a positive note, I love that these magnetic eyelashes look full and fluffy! Let me know if you’re able to get your lashes to stay on your eyelash line. Here’s a picture of the magnetic eyelash BAJILLION years later!

Let’s move on to glue on eyelashes!

Link to Eyelashes

Link to Adhesive

WOOHOO! Throw confetti in the air because I’m throwing a party for these wonderful pair of lashes. I surprisingly had an easier time applying these eyelashes. I did struggle with getting them onto my lash line and preventing them from lifting. Getting them onto my lash line will take some practice. The lifting off could be my fault because I didn’t hold them down until the glue dried.

If you can trace some lines, you can handle these. All you have to do is brush on the glue onto the lashes’ line, wait 30 seconds, and apply it onto your natural eyelash line.

***Sorry for the mascara clumps. Even eyelashes aren’t perfect. Okay, I was too lazy to switch the eyelashes. I didn’t realize there were clumps as I was taking the picture and this picture came out pretty good***

The tricky parts for those of you with shakey hands are gluing and struggling to get them straight onto THAT EYELASH LINE! I found it easier to fold down the lashes to make the curve shape of your eyelash line while being as close as you can get to your lid. Ah, it’ll become easy as pie after you practice.

Get the natural lash look with Ardell’s natural set of lashes. The next time I buy eyelashes, I’ll probably go for fuller fluffy ones. These are a little too boring for me. They look as if I’m wearing some extreme lengthening mascara! These are the perfect pair if you want some to wear during a casual day out.

This picture is with no mascara. The eyelashes are attached to my left eye. (My left)

Here is the eyelash with mascara on my right eye (my right)

My eyelash journey has only just begun. My next pair I’ll be giving a try are these

I’d love to hear what you have to say! What do you think about false eyelashes? Do you like them?

Thanks for stopping by! What will I get into next to tell you about? See ya next week, bbbyyyeeee!

2 thoughts on “All I really want are Eyelashes!

  1. You did a good job on them both! Here are some tricks I’ve learned for the next time you are working with glue, wait around 1-1.5 minutes that way the glue is tackier and won’t slide around, then pop them on in the middle and adjust the sides! I love falsies, I just can’t wear them long because the glue irritates my eyes after a while. Great post luv!

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