Extra, Extra! Read all about face masks!

Fffffaaaccceee masks! Some leave you feeling like you just had a facial and some can make you feel like your skin has just been ripped off of you.

Speaking of getting your skin ripped off, heard of the blaq charcoal mask? Well, peeling it off feels as if your skin is being ripped off. Which brings us into our first face mask review!

Charcoal mask by Blaq

Link to charcoal mask

“Instantly draw out your impurities and toxins!” More like draw out this Mask from your shelf of face masks and into the trash can. To use this mask, you cleanse your face first. Then you can apply and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. I had a difficult time applying this face mask. The consistency is thick which made it hard to spread around my face. This could be because I used my fingers and didn’t have the applicator stick.The mask’s consistency feels similar to the thickness of wax. Ya know, what you use to rip off any hair on your body and face. Not all of the product peeled off so I had to wash off the excess by scrubbing it off using a lot of force with a towel. Although, my face did look more clean than before, my skin felt sore and hurt. There are definitely other relaxing peel off face masks out there that will give you the same results.

Sand and Sky Australian Pink Clay Mask

Link to face mask

Have you ever wondered what pottery clay would feel like on your skin? Well, you’ll find out with this mask! I actually really enjoyed using this mask. On the other hand, the experience of wearing this mask could be uncomfortable for you. My mom (who has sensitive skin) was one of those who didn’t like wearing it. As it dries, you’ll feel some tingling and feel it tightening your face. That’s it tightening up your pores. It made me feel like I was slowly turning into a rock statue! At least this one is easy to apply around your face! As the website says about this product, it’s supposed to tighten pores, brighten your face, and detoxify. My face felt clean, VERY DRY, and tightened up afterwards. This face mask is a good one to add into your face mask collection. Don’t forget to apply your moisturizer after this one! The wait time is only 10 minutes and you wash it off.

Charcoal and Lemon Fusion Sheet Mask

Link to The Creme Shop for face mask

I don’t have pictures with this mask! I sadly threw it away thinking I wouldn’t want to make a face mask post! I linked it in case you’re interested. It’s the charcoal and lemon fusion face mask from the creme shop. ANYWAY….

THIS IS MY FAVORITE FACE PRODUCT I HAVE EVER PUT ON MY FACE! Out of all 3 face masks I showed you today, this is the one I HIGHLY recommend! It’s a Korean product and from the Creme Shop. Not only does the charcoal help remove all that dirt hiding deep in your pores and everywhere else around your skin, the lemon helps to brighten your skin and help with blackheads. If lemon has health benefits, I’m sure it’s very beneficial for your face. That’s my silly wanna be skin specialist side talking though.

Oh how refreshing this face mask felt to wear! A feeling similar to drinking a cold glass of lemonade during a hot summer day. This one left my skin feeling hydrated. So hydrated that I skipped my moisturizer I usually put on before bed! I made sure to spread the juice leftover from the sheet mask around my face and left it on to dry. I loved my experience with this mask! It’s perfect to put on after getting home from an exhausting day out.

Have you tried any of these face masks? What did you think about them? Do you think you’ll try one of these out? Let me know! I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye! I can’t wait to tell you my silly ol thoughts when we meet again. Thanks for stopping by! Bbbbyyyeeeee!

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2 thoughts on “Extra, Extra! Read all about face masks!

  1. “turning into a rock statue!” 😂
    I like clay masks that do that, but I don’t think I’ve tried a k-beauty mask. Will have to try the refreshing experience!

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