Forever on a Budget

Hhheeelllooo!! I’m back! I finally figured out what I want to write about! I found some pretty darn good sales going on at this time. Waayyyy better than Black Friday sales! Black Friday isn’t even worth to shop at most stores anymore. Has anyone noticed?

SSSSOOO I went to the mall with 30$ in my pocket. I ended up spending $21.21 on clothes and $6.05 on a Matcha Green tea soft serve ice-cream ….yummy!

Starting with the coats and pair of shoes from Forever 21. They were having an extra 65 percent off on sale items sale! I’m not sure how long it’ll go on for. I went in on January 3rd

Here’s what I bought

Cape Coat

It looks like they only have plus sizes left for it online. I only saw two left over in extra small at the Westfield Santa Anita Mall.

Original price: $49.90

Sale price: $19.00

Price I paid: $6.65

Review: You must buy this coat! It’s so ADORABLE! I’ve noticed that the Contemporary clothing line at Forever 21 can be higher priced and better quality than most of the other clothes around the store. If pieces from this line of clothing are on sale, don’t skip it! Always make sure to stop by this line of clothing! You’ll have to layer up if you plan on wearing this during winter otherwise you risk turning into a fashionable popsicle. This cape coat is my favorite piece from their contemporary line that I’ve bought!

Combat Boots

I’m such a dummy. I threw away the tag and my receipt doesn’t say how much they were on sale for but I looked online and this is the information I have

Original price: $44.90

Price I paid: $6.65

Review: If you spot these on sale BUY THEM! They really aren’t worth the original price they were set at. For 44$ you’re better off saving for a brand of shoes that you love but for 6$?! Why not buy them?! The zipper on the side makes them easy to put on and to take off and they’re comfortable and cozy to wear!

Plaid Jacket

Original price: $39.90

Sale price: $19.00

Price I paid: $6.65

Review: I know I said this twice already but if you see this jacket too BUY IT. I have a fashion dilemma. I don’t have casual clothing to put on and head out to the store in! When I tried this one on, I knew I had to have it. It’ll be so nice to throw on one or two long sleeves underneath, zip it up, and pair it with some jeans. You’ll look so cute during a quick trip to the grocery store! Plus, you’ll be so warm, comfortable, and feel like you’re bundled up in a toasty blanket!

I usually find a bunch of junk when Forever21 has sales going on but not this time. You’ll find some of their best quality items on sale for a jaw dropping price. It’s always worth price checking items! Sometimes they’re priced lower than the price you see on the tag!

Some Back Story

Everything worked out today! I was originally going to go to Tillys to use my 50 percent off coupon but the Westfield Santa Anita Mall didn’t have one so I decided to walk into Forever 21 instead. Luckily, I walked back in a second time to get my mom’s opinion on some coats I was thinking of buying. I ended up with the cape on sale for 19$ and the boots which I wasn’t sure were on sale so I decided to price check them. In total shock, I found both the cape and boots were priced at $6.65 each! It turns out they were on sale for 65 percent off the sale price!! Of course I had to go look around some more!! That’s when I ended up with the red jacket for $6.65!

Matcha Green Tea

How can you not end your day with your favorite dessert!

I didn’t realize that I should have probably taken a picture of the ice-cream until after I started eating it. If you’re wondering, the shop is called Matcha Matcha and it’s located in the Westfield mall in Arcadia. It was totally worth what I paid. I should’ve looked at the menu and taken a picture of it to show you guys. From what I remember, you can add two toppings for free. One of the toppings they had was mochi! They also serve lattes and your able to choose your level of sweetness. I’d love to know if you’ve been there or are planning to check it out!

Aannnddd that’s all! Thanks for stopping by! It took me a while to find something I would love to write about. Wwwhoops. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and ate tons of delicious food! See ya later!

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6 thoughts on “Forever on a Budget

  1. ur blog is really interesting. it holds alot of your personality and also, being in Europe which a whole different vibe towards fashion shopping. personally, i am not into fashion myself but i adore the way you express your world in the fashion perspective.. Also, ur look really pretty in the photos.☺

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