Young and Shiseido

We should be taking care of our skin as soon as we can so in the future our skin won’t look older than we really are and keep the beautiful complexion our skin can have as we age.

Shiseido wants to attract the younger crowd aging from their 20s-30s. Here’s a link to an article that talks about it more in depth Article link. Maybe many young adults my age (21) gravitate more towards brands that are trending among the internet, brands our friends are using, or maybe Shiseido is just too pricey and you would rather go for an inexpensive brand. Shiseido products are worth giving a try and definitely worth what you’re paying for. Ssooooo let’s begin!

I’ve mentioned before how terrible my hands are but I haven’t mentioned the dry texture my face has. To help fix that problem, I tried Shiseido’s Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Link to Shiseido Power Infusing Concentrate

Mine is the sample size πŸ˜„

Their product designs are beautiful and the containers are sturdy. They’re not something that will easily wear down over time. They’re so amazing that the bottles are worth keeping to use as room decor. This small sample bottle is glass. On a side note, Check out this bottle of a toner they sell.

Link to Revitalizing Essence

The smaller bottle is a sample bottle!

Back to the power infusing concentrate. The moisturizer (I’m calling it a moisturizer because that’s how I’ll be using it) is lightweight, milky, and it leaves your skin glowing!

It doesn’t have a strong perfume smell. It’s a splash of refreshment. Like drinking a cold glass of lemonade during a hot summer day. You know those fancy oils that release a certain scent to destress you or candles that give off a pleasing scent to help relax you, this moisturizer has a similar effect.

Just as the scent, applying the lotion is just as relaxing. I know I say this so much but it glides on ssssoooo ssssssmmmooootthhllly!

I put it on after I showered, washed my face, and went to bed. I LOVED how my face felt immediately after applying it and when I woke up this morning. It quickly melts into your skin and immediately makes it silky smooth.

When I move my mouth, I can usually feel the dryness of my skin around my cheeks. It always feels like I’m pulling off dry glue from my hands (and probably looks like that too) This morning I woke up with a face feeling like it’s coated in a very very light layer of honey. It feels like I don’t really have to apply more unless if I wash it off. Applying a dime size of the product was a perfect amount for me.

It can also be used in the morning before going on with your day and before applying makeup. I don’t wear foundation or much on my face so I can’t really say how that experience is for me. I’ll be using it as a night creme. I can’t wait to see how my face changes! Would you guys like an update after a few weeks of using it? I just went shopping and my face was already glowing!

Shiseido is a forgotten treasure. Let’s dig it back up and let its jewels shine in the spotlight it deserves. It has definitely won me over and I hope you give it a chance. I do hope to see the younger crowd shopping there more.

My next product to buy from them is their Minimalist WhippedPowder Blush. Here’s the link: Blush Link I felt and tried on the sample of Kokei Fuchsia. I LOVE IT. You ABSOLUTELY must go out and see for yourself it’s an experience you can’t miss out on.

What are your favorite skin care brands to use?

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L’Ots of dryness

It’s icy cold outside now and as a result my knuckles and the folds of my fingers are dry and cracked with cuts. I can’t be the only one with this problem SSSSOOOOO I have the lotion that will solve our problems!!!

Link to the Lotion

It’s the L’Occitane Creme Mains Peaux Seches Dry Skin Hand Creme. In my picture it’s a sample size of the lotion which is why it’s so small. The packaging is different from the link because I have the holiday themed one and I had trouble finding that one but I found it in a gift set linked at the end.

Here’s a pic of the product inside

Do you see that? The product inside is thick! It’s not runny at all. I never thought I’d say this but, I love it! It’s like squeezing acrylic paint out from its tube!

Immediately when applying it on my hands, my hands instantly became smooth like a silky material rather than sandpaper. It melted onto my hands as I easily glided it on with my fingers. It’s like Wood after I shaved it down with the sandpaper lol. I’m not exaggerating you guys my hands really are bad 😭 so bad that they’re comparable to sandpaper and wood 😭

There’s one thing I’ve always wanted in a lotion. I don’t want to have to reapply a whole other layer of lotion after washing my hands. I’m guessing because of how thick the product is (and the ingredients lol) it helps in keeping my hands moisturized longer. Usually after washing off some lotions, my hands go back to being cracked and feeling even more dry. This one (at least for me) I washed my hands, took a shower, woke up the next morning, and my hands still felt smooth and hydrated! I haven’t experienced this with any other lotions.

The smells aren’t anything to rave about in the three they offer. I try not to let the smell bother me because of how much I enjoy the product. The one I have is the regular Shea butter smell. Other smells are Wonderful Rose and Delightful Tea. Out of the three, my favorite was Wonderful Rose. The rose smell was refreshing and like a light perfume. They just didn’t have it in the sample size the set came with. The Delightful Tea smells like medicine. It might just be me so you’d have to smell them yourself to see what you like πŸ˜„

This lotion truly is a dry hand savior! On top of all of this, they’d be a great stocking stuffer 😏 here’s a link to the little Gift Set

I know that L’Occitane can be expensive for most people (including me) so another great lotion for those dried hands and the rest of your body is the Jergens Nourishing Honey lotion found in drug stores. If you want to read what I have to say about it click the link Dried Out Anyway, I love this lotion just as much. It’s a great price and is a good alternative but there is one tiny tiny flaw and that is it doesn’t stay on as long as the L’Occitane. I think this L’Occitane one has won me over for now.

Even if you wouldn’t want this exact lotion, I highly recommend L’Occitane products to help with the dryness you might be experiencing from your face to feet.

If you have any lotion knowledge I’d love to hear about it πŸ˜„ What’s your favorite lotion you’re using right now?

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A HUGE Mistake?

AHHHHH! I have another product from Stila! I love using their liquid eyeliner! This time it’s mmmmassscara!

Fake eyelashes aren’t for everyone! You might have sensitive eyes where you can’t attach them to your eyes,too lazy to put effort into attaching them🀣, or would prefer just wearing mascara.

There’s a mascara I tried recently and I found the mascara to be a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious alternative to wearing fake eyelashes! Even if you’re someone who LLOOOVES wearing fake eyelashes, this mascara is perfect for those off days from wearing the fake eyelashes.

In case you can’t see what it’s called. It’s the Huge Extreme Lash mascara by Stila here’s the link if you’re interested!

Stila HUGE mascara

It focuses more on elongating your lashes rather than making your lashes look full with volume. Which is perfect if you’re more into having a natural makeup look rather than having your lashes dramatically stand out and if you have short eyelashes and would like them to be longer.

This eye has the mascara applied.

Can you see how long my eyelashes are? I tried my best to get a good picture.

Here are my eyelashes without the mascara and makeup. (Right side if you can’t tell lol)

The mascara also thickens them a bit but (once again) it doesn’t dramatically add volume to the eyelashes. I did notice that it leaves a very small amount of clumps but it’s nothing HUGE to complain about.

The wand has a dip to it as it moves up towards the middle and poofs back out at the end.

I applied it as I would with a normal mascara wand that is straight all around and it didn’t give me the same effect I got once I actually used the wand properly. You have to experiment with the wand and see what works best for you. For me it was pretending like I was curling my hair except with eyelashes to really get results.

I do recommend this product if you’re someone like me who likes natural looking makeup, who doesn’t want to go through the work of putting on fake eyelashes, and wants eyelashes to look longer rather than short. It really is a good lightweight mascara that smoothly applies and takes one application to get the long eyelashes. It does need another time to get them to be a bit darker.

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think about it?

Well! That’s all I have to say πŸ˜„ I hope you enjoyed! I’d love to see you again and I’d love to see what you’re up to on InstagramπŸ˜„

Check out what I have to say about eyeliner!

Pencil and Liquid Eyeliner

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A Mickey Mouse Celebration?

Okay I know bomber jackets aren’t popular anymore BUT I have this amazing bomber jacket to show you all! It lines up perfectly with Mickey’s birthday coming up! Sort of. It’s also perfect for a Disneyland outfit!! Especially if you’re going to Disney Japan

Hopefully I give you an outfit idea on how to wear a bomber jacket. That’s one problem I have. I always end up putting it away because I never feel like I look good wearing it. On top of that, I always wear my hair up when I wear it because my hair down doesn’t look good with it! Anyway, I think I made it look pretty good in this outfit.

(My fish came to say hello)

This jacket is perfect for anyone who lives in dumb ol sunny California or somewhere with similar weather. It’s really light yet it’s nice to throw over on those days when it’s chilly out. The material feels soooo ssmmoottthh on my skin. It almost feels like Silk.

The smallest details are what make this jacket perfect to my eyes

One are the arrows lining the pockets

They’re real pockets!!

The stripes running along the collar, the wrist of the sleeve, and bottom

Of course, the detailing on the sleeves

So many stripes everywhere! I love that there are stripes in some areas. Especially the one thick burgundy stripe running down the sleeve. It’d be too plain without that detail. I also like that it’s not all burgundy keeping the jacket as one solid color all around.

Finally, the back!

The back is what really caught my eye when I first saw it. I knew I had to have it! It gives a girly flare to it and I love the design! The colors match up with the grey metallic part of the sleeve so it helps stay with the flow of the jacket. It has a touch of pink which complements well with the grey!

I bought this jacket from Uniqlo. They sadly don’t sell it anymore but they have so many cute Disney items! So it’s worth to check it out! It’s really good quality compared to other brands. Maybe you could find another cute bomber jacket! Here’s the Link to Uniqlo I hope you enjoy this short post πŸ˜‹

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A Perfectly Perfect Turtleneck

The one top I love to have in my closet is a turtleneck but I felt like I needed a new one so I went shopping for one! For this year’s cold season!

Forever 21 Turtleneck

There are so many ways to wear this top! I hope I can give you some ideas with a top you’re wondering how to wear or how to wear a top similar to this with summer clothes πŸ˜„

A part of the reason I chose this top is because it’s thin which makes it perfect to wear underneath other clothing items.

Outfit 1

One of the ways to wear this top, is under a jumpsuit!

In case you’re wondering these are the shoes I paired this outfit with


I wanted to make sure to find a way to wear this outside of summer as well. I feel very comfortable going shopping and going to class in this since it’s so loose fitting. Almost like I’m wearing fashionable pajamas! I wasn’t sure which shoes to pair this with. Do you have any ideas?

Outfit 2

Of course it would pair nicely underneath some overalls.

THE COLOR is another lovable aspect. I lllooovveeeee this color! It matches well with my black clothing items especially with this gingham dress and it gives a nice contrast of color!

Outfit 3

Dresses with a tank top cut can be kind of tough to transition into the colder days. Of course depending on the style of dress, a turtle neck, mock neck, or a mesh top can help solve that problem! Except I think most of you would still need a big coat to throw over since it’s probably freezing where you live❄️❄️❄️❄️

Solid tops seem simple but are important to have. They could be the one piece in your busy outfit that can help ease the eye and bring everything you’re wearing together. Just like how I use my blue top in the next photo.

Outfit 4

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******I know some pieces are repetitive from previous blogs and posts on Instagram but I don’t have the money to splurge on a bunch of clothes yet. One day I will be able to buy everything and anything I want πŸ˜„ for now I have to go with clothing pieces I can wear during most seasons and pair them in different ways. Also, I’m trying my best with the photos I take on my own 😭*******

Bbbyyeee! I really hope to see you again!


I was given a pair of two different colored opal earrings only because they didn’t match and I love that about them! Hopefully, I can make you feel more comfortable to wear an item split with two different colors even if it’s something as small as a pair of earrings.

Here they are!

A pair of earrings split into different colors can be very versatile. Earrings are similar to how we pair our shoes with our purses. Depending on what colors they have, you can match them with a color on your outfit. Since mine are blue, dark/light creme and pink. Well, it looks red in some lighting so I’m going to say they’re reddish pink 🀣 I can pair them with something that has those colors or even something that will complement them nicely to help give them the spotlight they deserve.

I focused on the blue of the earrings and made my top match mostly the blue half. I could even go off of the dark/light creme side of the earrings and pair it with a white shirt and move the focus toward the dark creme detail along with the white in the skirt.

Here’s a Tip: Say you’re wearing a lot of blue, adding its compliment color (orange) to the outfit is going to help give it contrast, feel more balanced and not look so overwhelming. That’s with any complementary color! Complementary colors come in handy when you don’t know what top to pair a color with or if you want a certain color in a pattern to stand out. I love using that color scheme when I paint!

Earrings like these are perfect for those of you who aren’t so much into color, don’t want to wear something that’ll make them stand out from a crowd, or give a business outfit a small taste of your personality.

I love black, white, and grey. Almost every color matches well with them and any touch of color you add to a black and white, or grey outfit is going to stand out. I especially love pairing those colors with red! Which is partly why these earrings are perfect!

The outer rim shines brightly in pink here and the opals are shinning in their own colors too! As said before, the black background is really helping the color of these earrings pop out! An odd pair of earrings like these give this type of outfit a little spice rather than wearing a perfectly matching outfit head to toe. I do think they’re better off with an all black outfit though

You could always go with matching earrings but what’s the fun in that!

Having earrings that are split into two different colors or even other items like T-shirts and pants can seem intimidating or not even be given a chance, but don’t give up on those crazy split colored items! You should make them work and get creative!

Do you have a favorite pattern to wear? Maybe polka dots, maybe flowers, or maybe stripes?!

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Favorite Skirts to Wear

AAAHHH! I’m so excited to show some of my favorite skirts I own! I’ll show what top I pair with each skirt but my main focus will be the skirts πŸ˜„

I really enjoy wearing long skirts. They always make me feel like I’m in a Disney princess movie from the 50’s like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. It also makes me feel a lot like Audrey Hepburn. Well It’s pretty obvious that (like many of you out there) I love love LOVE the vintage elegant look!

Skirt One: Pretty in Pink

This is absolutely my favorite skirt I own. I will cry on the day I try it on and it doesn’t fit me. My mom bought it for me when she went to Japan! It’s pleated and pinches me right at the waist so it causes it to puff and flow but it’s not too much of it where it feels like I’m wearing a puffy ball gown. I love this about it because it makes it perfect for twirling and transforming into a blossomed pink rose. The floral pattern makes it even more perfect. It gives the skirt that little POP that makes it beautiful and stand out.

Skirt Two: “Puuurfect in Purrrple”

This skirt is way more casual than the previous skirt. I feel more comfortable wearing this one at school or shopping. I love that there are more pleats to it and a floral design. I can pair it with a plain shirt yet not be so plain because of the details in the skirt. I can even dress it down and give it more of a tomboy look like wearing my black turtleneck along with my shiny creepers.

The next skirts are mini skirts. I enjoy wearing them just as much as long skirts. Except I feel more like a Barbie doll riding in my pink limousine heading towards my pink mansion.

Skirt Three: Fall in a Skirt

Link to Skirt

*** Be careful with the size of this skirt! If you’re going to buy this skirt I suggest going a size up to have a looser fitting skirt. I’m 5’3″, weigh 110 pounds, and bought a small. The skirt fits me like a tight skirt with the length of a short skort but I like the way it looks with how I have it now. The fitting looks more like this one Link to Skirt Example ***

This shirt is just temporary until I find a top to go with it. I want to take advantage of wearing multiple colors with it! I’m trying to get into wearing more colorful clothing items since I’m such a huge fan of playing with color. I’m thinking of getting a light blue top. What do you think? I think blue will help my skirt stand out more. The skirt is super short but that’s the style of it. I feel comfortable in it though as if I’m a model walking through the streets of London. Luckily, It has a lining underneath to help me feel more secure. I can’t wait to wear this with leggings and boots! It should get cold after Halloween.

Skirt Four: “Get the London Look”

Link to Skirt

I’m surprised I was still able to find it! And on sale too!! I bought it last year.

Can you spot my lighting source? 🀣 I feel like I’m going on a trip to London in this skirt. It has a cute “get the London look” feel. I love the little lace detail going straight down on the front of the skirt. It also has huge pockets! Even though it’s tight fitting, it’s still stretchy so I don’t feel so uncomfortable and restrained in it. It’s similar to how legging feel just a skirt version of them. You can wear it casually or wear it for going out!

Annndddd that’s all! Sorry for the bad pictures. One day they’ll be better. I’m still trying to get more comfortable taking pictures so that’s why a lot of them are in my bedroom and they’re taken by myself.

Which skirt did you like the most?

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